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Well, by now, eveyone should know that the original Outpost Daria (OD) was taken offline in June of 2013. Hating to see such a well-know and well-loved website that has been around since the beginning of Daria, I had to do something. I was hoping to get the blessing of Martin to do this, but he is unreachable at this time. So, with that being said, Outpost Daria Reborn (ODR) was, well, born. Keeping with the traditions that Martin had at the orignial Outpost Daria, I will say basically the same thing he did. Outpost Daria Reborn is updated on an as-needed basis. This is due to a couple of reasons: My personal life (family et al), work, my writing, and my other hobbies. I will try to update ODR when I get time. The site will continue to be updated, at least as long as I can keep up with it, and afford the hosting! (I'm paying out of my own pocket to keep this site running!)


BTW - I have to write detailed descriptions for punchlists and service tickets for my job. So if these sometimes seem a bit detailed, that's why. Sometimes it leaks out, and Pavlov the Janitor is not around to clean it up!

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As was said here before, my apologies if something you submitted doesn't immediately appear; I will get to it eventually! If I don't respond, try nudging me with the pitchfork!

August 2021

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  • Updated this page and the main What's New page.


  • Updated a song entry for One J at a Time where Quinn picks Jamie as her boyfriend