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Brief Synopsis: What if "America's favourite non - Prehistoric family" lived in Lawndale?
Note: This fan fiction takes place around Series 4/5 of Daria. However, Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson are different ages and look more like the Daria characters. Bart is 18, Lisa is 16 and Maggie is 14. (Maggie is 8 years younger than Lisa in the TV show, but this is a fiction so anything can happen! Don't worry!)

An unfamiliar looking boy was loitering around the courtyard of Lawndale High. His hair was a messed up blonde flat top. He was wearing a green army shirt over a faded orange t shirt and black combat trousers flopping over black Etnies skate shoes. He had a grey backpack with a Che Guevara button badge on the front slung over one shoulder and a green skateboard under his arm. He dropped his bag down on the floor and started skateboarding around the courtyard - starting out with some easy flips then graduating on to railgrinds. He ollied and grinded on a bench where his two sisters were sitting, just to annoy them.
"Hey, look where you're going Bartholomew!"
"What is yo' deal, bro?"
Bart shrugged his shoulders and walked off into school. "C'mon girls, you're gonna be late." The two girls followed behind their brother. They always did what their brother did, even if they were almost as old as him.

The new girl in Mr. DeMartino's homeroom was sitting right at the front of the room trying to figure out who everybody was.'Those well dressed girls and the three boneheaded boys at the back are obviously the popular ones. Those ones in the middle are the ones nobody cares about. And the little girl in the Beat Era clothes and punkette hair is me, Lisa Simpson. Oh and the psychopath with the poppy eye is our teacher. He 's the one we have to come to if we need "guidance". As if I'll come to him. I think he teaches History as well...'
"Miss SIMPSON! If you would CARE to come and RECIEVE your timetable and stop DAYDREAMING please!"
Lisa stepped up to the front desk and got her timetable. Monday: English, Art, Science, History, P.E. All good except for that last one.
"So class, we have a new student in our midst. Luckily it's a sensible, mature young lady and not some egomanialcal man who tries to steal all your money and walk out on you on your 10th anniversary..."
'She's definitely on the Christmas card list.' Thought Maggie Simpson, the newest addition to Ms. Barch's homeroom group, all decked out in the finest bling and Sean John threads, box fresh trainers, nails painted red, her hair out of the spiky style that she had all through the Springfield years and now in some bleach blonde white - girl dreadlocks. Speaking of which, a boy on the bench behind her flicked her dreadlocks that she was so proud of. Maggie turned around and the culprit was a pale, skinny, black haired boy in Goth clothes. Usually Maggie would steer fully clear of Goths, but she was strangely attracted to this boy.
"Quit doing that!"
"Flicking. My. Dreads."
"Oh yeah. That. Sorry."
"So, what's your name?"
"Sam. Sam Griffin. You?"
"Maggie Simpson."
"I've got a sister and a brother. My sister's a senior. Signed up for the school band already! She plays sax. My brother's in the final year. He skateboards."
"Cool. I've got a sister. She's a senior too. Sandi. My two brothers are still in elementary. They're jerks."
"Quiet, Sam! You've just got yourself a detention!" The wrath of Barch was kicking in.

Bart got out of Maths as soon as possible and sauntered in to the Economics classroom. "This'll be a breeze." He said to Daria Morgendorffer and her friend Jane as they went in to the class. "Economics is okay, I guess." Jane mused. "That is, if you want to be an entrepreneur when you grow up, like my dad did. But he failed..." Said Daria, finishing off Jane's sentence. Bart sat next to Daria. She was pretty cool, weird, but cool. Reminded him of Lisa. Mrs. Bennett was alright, he thought. a bit old fashioned, kind of nice in a loopy sorta way. He still preferred his 4th grade teacher, Ms. Krabappel. She was pretty cool.

Maggie and Sam were definitely in love. They would sit together in every class and make snide comments about all the teachers and students. They would eat lunch together on the field. They even walked home together. Sam was a Goth and Maggie was a true blue Rudegirl but they were such a cute couple. Even though they'd only known each other for a day. When Maggie got to her house that she'd only moved in to a few months ago, Sam seemed sad to see her go.
"Seeya tomorrow Mag."
Lisa had no friends. She'd been getting a lot of attention that day, but she hadn't made a single friend. Typical. Just like in Springfield, where the only friend she had was Janey Powell, and she wasn't much of a friend. But band changed everything in Lawndale High. She met people that she didn't know existed - people from the couple of years above her who played so many different instruments, clarinet, flute, trumpet... She sat by another saxophone player and they immediately started chatting.
"You play baritone? I've always wanted to play baritone."
"Yeah. I've been playing since I was like, five."
"Wow. I've been playing for three years and I love it. I really lke the alto sound."
"I'm Lisa Simpson by the way."
"So, wanna got for a slice after practice?"
"Sure, got nothing else to do."
Things were looking up...