Submission Guidelines

Outpost Daria Reborn will accept most any Daria-related artwork, subject to the guidelines specified below. Note that posting artwork is a rather time-consuming process, and while I'm more than happy to do it, I'm also rather short on time these days. Following the guidelines will be immensely helpful to me, and will get your artwork posted in a much more timely fashion.

Those Pesky Guidelines
I Just Mentioned...

Keep It (Relatively) Clean

This generally means no explicitly sexual images (see below). Exceptions may be made for borderline images, but in general, if it's not something that could get a PG-13 rating, well, don't get your hopes up. (You can still submit it, of course, but my judgment will be final.)

Note that I definitely will not post anything that's explicitly sexual in nature (erotic, pornographic, or whatever). This is one rule that is absolute, and is not so much prudishness as it is not willing to risk running afoul of my webspace and/or Internet service providers. (Been there, done that, not fun.) There are plenty of other sites on the Internet (both Daria-related and otherwise) that will be more than happy to post such material, so you need not worry about finding them a home.

Acceptable Image Formats

Your artwork must be saved in GIF, JPG, or PNG formats. I will accept BMP files, but they'll be converted before being posted (unlike GIF/JPG/PNG, BMP files are not compressed; they take up way too much space, and they take too long to load, even at broadband speeds). No other formats will be accepted. It's too time-consuming, and I'm not going to scurry all over the Internet for a way to convert an image in some unknown XYZ format.

Acceptable Image Sizes

With broadband Internet speeds now more the norm than the exception, I no longer have a maximum image size. However, there are still people out there that can only access the Internet via slower devices (like 56K telephone modems), so I ask that you please keep that in mind when submitting images.

If your artwork is wider than 400 pixels and/or higher than 300 pixels, I would greatly appreciate it if you also submitted a quick-to-load "thumbnail" version to accompany the original. (The thumbnail will be displayed on the page, and a "click to see larger image" link will be provided. Thumbnails should be no more than 150-200 pixels high.) I will create a thumbnail if you don't supply one, but note that saving me the time and effort will get your work posted more quickly.

Description and Category

Please supply a short description of the artwork (a one-line sentence is fine), and let me know how it should be categorized (general artwork, fanfic illustration, makeover, etc.).

Your E-mail Address

You must explicitly tell me if you want your e-mail address included with the artwork. If you don't tell me one way or another, I'll assume you do NOT want it listed. This is mainly for your protection, as many of you do not want your e-mail address exposed in this age of spam and viruses and trojans (oh, my!).

Submitting Your Artwork

Submissions must be made by e-mail to, and should be attached to the message as a file attachment.